In Home Enhancements

Are you feeling like you just need to hit the reset button on your home? Look no further! Our In Home Enhancements will do just that.  


Phase 1 : Organization and Deep Clean

Phase 1 : Organization and Deep Clean

Phase 1 : Organization and Deep Clean


  •  Kitchen cabnets & drawers.

  • Bathrooms cabinets & drawers. 

  • Linen closets

  • Shoe closets

  • Wardrobes

  • Books

  • Offices/papers

  • Toys

  • Eentertainment areas

  • Grouping and organization of all areas listed above 

  • ​​Baked on soil removal of oven interior

  • Interior and exterior soil removal of range  

  • Interior and exterior soil removal of refrigerator  

  • Stain and grease removal on cabinet and drawer face  

  • Detailed cleaning of all counter top appliances  

  • Soil and grease removal on counter top and back splash 

  • Sink and faucet mineral removal   

  • Washing of any soiled dishes 

  • Built up soil and grease removal on non-carpet floors  

  • Mineral and grime removal on showers and/or tubs   

  • Polishing of mirrors 

  • Solid walls around back splash and toilets   

  • Mineral removal on interior and exterior of toilets 

  • Debris removal under beds  

  • Debris removal in dressers and drawers  

  • Cleaning behind washer and dryer 

  • High dusting 

  • Dusting of window and door trim 

  • Surface dusting of ornaments 

  • Vacuuming of all carpets   

  • Interior and exterior removal of all fireplace ash (wood burning only)  

  • Cleaning of soiled fireplace glass  

  • Dusting of stone fire place 

Phase 2 : Detailing

Phase 1 : Organization and Deep Clean

Phase 1 : Organization and Deep Clean


  • ​Surface soil and mineral stain removal on rock fireplace and chimney (wood burning only) 

  • Essential oiling on all ceiling logs, pillars (log home only)

  • Essential oiling of fine wooden cabinets 

  • Mineral deposit removal on tile floors (if needed) 

  • Surface stain removal on light switches and switch plates

  • Thorough cleaning of lamp lights and glass shades; wall, ceiling, standing

  • Built up soap and soil removal in washer and dryer

  • Dryer exhaust duct debris removal

  • Laundering of shower curtain and dressings

  • Interior cabinet and drawer grouping and organization

  • Painted wall soil removal

  • Soil removal on interior and exterior wooden doors

  • Essential oiling interior and exterior wooden doors

  • Essential oiling of wainscoting

  • Essential oil treatment on dry wood paneling, wainscoting, window frames and seals 

  • Essential oiling of fine wooden shelving 

  • Vent debris removal

Phase 3 : Windows & Final Touches


  • Exterior and interior cleaning of windows

  • Professional staging of home interior

  • Indoor garage organization and cleaning  

  • Removal of Soil and Debris on porches and walkways 

Our Approach

Phase 1

Our approach to organizing is to work with you, find out what really sparks joy and what dosen't. The next step is to  clean the areas being organized, return the items and clothing to their new proper place for easy acess and continued organization. This process is very personal and unique for each individuals home and space. Our approach for deep cleaning your home is to rid  dirt and unsightly buildup that inevitably accumulates over time in your home Thus making your home clean and fresh like the day you moved in.

Phase 2

Its all in the detail. Let’s travel back in time…. surfaces and items in your home will look new again. Wood and tile surfaces are brought back to life. Items such as washing machines, switch plates and lamps are made out-of-the-box-new. 

Phase 3

In this phase your windows rejoice after foggy buildup is removed, letting in the light. Also, if your not happy with a space in your home we can help you stage that area so it fits the room in question. Don’t worry about the clutter in your garage; our expert organizers are on the job! We never leave a space untidy so we wont forget about your porches and walk ways its the first thing you see upon arriving home.

Price List

We don't cut corners, we clean them.

Price List

We don't cut corners, we clean them.

Price List

We don't cut corners, we clean them.