Shop and drop delivery

Bringing food and essentials to your doorstep. 

Food and essentials delivered to you!


How do I order my food and essentials?

Its easy. Whether you shop at Hanks or Thriftway, we have got you  covered.

 1. Pick the store you want to shop at.

 2. Call Maria (509) 557.2690 to place your  order. NOTE: be sure to place your order at least two days before your delivery date. (see below to find your delivery day for your location.) 

 3. We will then shop for your items and Deliver to your door step.

(See below for delivery fee.


For our  services we charge a  $25.00 shop and drop fee if you live within  5 miles of Hanks or Thriftway. Please NOTE: if you live more then 5 miles away from the grocery store of your choice we will add an additional $1.00 per mile to your servicing fee. Shop and drop Delivery fee is due when delivered along with the price of your items. You have the choice to pay with cash, or credit card. 

we also offer Delivery drop options. See below. 

Mazama's shop and drop deliveries will be Monday's

Mazama's drop option will be at the Mazama Community Center on Monday afternoons

Winthrop's city limit Shop and drop deliveries will be Tuesday's

Winthrop Drop option will be at Winthrop Red Barn Tuesday afternoons. 

Winthrop's 'outside' city limits shop and drop delivery will be Wednesday's

Twisp's city limit Shop and drop delivery will be Thursday's

Twisp drop option will be at Twisp Community Center Thursday Afternoons.

Twisp's 'outside' city limits Shop and drop delivery will be Friday's

Twisp Drop option will be at Twisp Community center Thursday Afternoons.

Carlton's shop and drop delivery will be Saturday's

Carlton Drop option will be at Carlton's Gas station Saturday Afternoons.

Methow's shop and drop delivery will be Sunday's

Methow drop option will be at Libby creek pull out area Sunday Afternoons.


Our Team

Book Today 509.557.2690

Areas Of Expertise

Methow Valley Green Clean has a wonderful team of cleaners with an eye for detail, focused work ethic, and great personal integrity. We want to see you shine with happiness when you embace a clean and organized life style. 

Areas Of Expertise

Book Today 509.557.2690

Areas Of Expertise

How can we help?


  • Door to door food delivery 
  • Vacation rental rescue
  • Professionale staging 
  • Organization  
  • Log Cabins
  • Full Time Residentia houses 
  • Construction site clean up
  • We clean Offices 
  • Wedding clean up
  • Moving out ?
  • Moving in?  
  • Owner of a rental house that needs a deep clean? 
  • Residential window cleaning
  • Snow shoveling 
  • Dump runs
  • Costco runs 
  • Fresh organic  veggie delivery from local farms 


Book Today 509.557.2690

Book Today 509.557.2690

Book Today 509.557.2690


What Clients Say About Us

The Grants

Patricia Zeisler

Patricia Zeisler

"We first used  Methow Valley Green Clean  after a messy construction job left our large home dusty and grimy throughout. Maria and her team did a terrific job -- cleaning in every corner, noticing things that needed attention that we hadn't even seen, and leaving our home smelling wonderful with their fresh, non-toxic products. This is a high-energy, can-do, and very friendly team. Their work is the best and give them our highest recommendation!"  

Patricia Zeisler

Patricia Zeisler

Patricia Zeisler

"Maria Johnson has worked as my housekeeper for my cabin in the Methow Valley for 6 plus years.  Maria has been a very reliable employee doing the caretaking of the cabin and reporting any item that required repair after each guest left.  She has taken care of problems that are outside of her responsibilities at my request since I live in Seattle and can't get to my cabin when there is a problem, for example, snow on  the roof that blocked the dish satellite.  So I can recommend Maria without reservation."  

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Patricia Zeisler

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